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Production Management, Definition :

Production management is the application of the methods and techniques in order to accomplish the transformation of the materials into finished products. It is summed up in the combination of resources, among which the material means (machines), human means (staff per qualification) and materials (raw material, consumable materials) in a plan which aim is to insure the fabrication of the production in defined quality and quantity.

SIMCORE offers you to experiment before the realisation of the project the different options and be sure that these choices are in harmony with your production tool.

The constraints encountered are different:

  • Financial (produce at optimal cost): materials and consumables, storage, cost of stoppage;
  • Temporal (produce in the limit of time, insure a just on time delivery);
  • Mechanical (preventive maintenances and downtime management): anticipate the breakdowns and plan ahead alternative solutions in case of a machine’s stoppage;
  • Quality (produce with as little defect and waste as possible): a good quality product participates in customer retention, conveys the brand image of the company;
  • Planning (insure a continuous circulation of the flows, detect and remove the bottle necks in the production circuit).

Logistics wise, in particular, the organisation of the project management concerns the implementation aiming to satisfy the different constraints.

Especially the choice concerning the policies of supply, storage, fabrication…
Thus, there are so many criteria that it is impossible to apprehend without efficient tools and methods.

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