SIMCORE provides you with the study services of workstations’ ergonomics establishment:

ergonomic workstations

SIMCORE offers to guide you through the steps of your workstations’ conception with the help of  AF’Ergo Conseil,, its partner.


  • You would like to improve your competitiveness;
  • You would like to optimise and validate your workstations from their conception;
  • You want to decrease the RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries) with better ergonomics of the workstations;
  • You would like to involve your teams from the conception for a better adaptation of the workstation.

Advantages of the solution

  • Easy integration of the conception process;
  • Modification and validation in real time by the different collaborators;
  • Objective evaluation with the RULA method;
  • Better adaptation to the workstation by the teams;
  • Visualisation and interaction at scale 1


AF ergo conseil

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