The stakes of stock management and their sizing

The flow simulation will allow you to size from your inter-machine buffers to your mass stocks. The main goal is to have the right product at the right time.

Material Handling Simulation

When we speak of stock management, it specifically means the holding and the monitoring of an amount of merchandise in a store. It is a two-field activity: management of the merchandises’ movements in the store (entry and exit) and the restocking management.

The challenges of the stock management

The stock managers should continuously look for the right balance between the level of consumers’ satisfaction and the cost of the stocks constitution.

A high level of stock (over storage) can cause:

  • High financial expenses;
  • Freezing of funds.

A poor level of stocks can cause:

  • An increase in the risks of inventory shortages;
  • A lack of organisation in the entire production system (bottle necks, increase of the intermediate storages);
  • A decrease of the sales’ profits and a loss of a clientele disappointed by the bad quality in the service (late delivery, insufficient availability, shortages…).

The challenges of stock optimisation are financial but cannot be done at the expense of their clients’ satisfaction (lateness).

Our expertise in the installation of optimisation and stock analysis tools will clarify your visibility and allow you taking the right decisions.

Storage Visualization
Storage Visualization

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