Logistics flow management

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Management of logistics flows

Definition :

Flow management consists of directing all successive activities carried out during the fabrication of a product or its distribution. This movement of materials/components/subsets/works in progress/finished products throughout the fabrication and distribution chain form the flow.

In a factory, when all of the fabricated products go through the same production steps, there is one single production line and thus one flow. However, we found ourselves with products A, B and C going through a series of different activities at some point in their fabrication for each of them, we have three production flows in total. A flow is also called a value stream.

The aim of this flow management is the identification, the analysis and the decrease of all kind of waste

The objective is to separate activities with value-added and with no value-added (from the point of view of the clientele or the need to be met). Activities with no value-added (origin of loss and waste in the process) are then removed. That decrease of waste will eventually become a competitive advantage for the company.

Reduction of waste
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Flow Diagram example
Flow diagram

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