About Simcore

Simcore is the Flux Simulation specialist in France, with +20 years of support for manufacturers in improving their performance.

about simcore

Services and Skills

Our services will accompany you in particular for the sizing of your installations and the search for bottlenecks.

We work on all or part of your reorganization projects and help you in your strategic and operational decisions, through an audit, operational solutions, skills transfer, and dedicated software tools.

Our support begins when the specifications are drafted, prior to calls for tenders.

If you wish to carry out your own studies, we will provide you with the best dynamic flow simulation software, and our expert consultants will share their experiences during training in the use of these tools.

SIMCORE offers you personalized solutions, adapted to your sector of activity.


Be more efficient with Flow Simulation: the right simulation software will make the difference.

A key technology for the industry… Simulation throughout the life cycle

What is simulation: Numerically reproduce the behavior of a component, a product, a system or a factory, for different conditions of use.

For this, simulation software is required.

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Life Cycle

  • Defining goals
  • Analysis of requirements and feasibility
  • Detailed design
  • Industrialisation
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • End of Life

La Simulation

  • Analyze, Visualize, Understand
  • Test different scenarios without prototype, inaccessible
  • Sizing, Pre-validating, Validating, Checking, Evaluating
  • Predict, Anticipate, Minimize Risks, Adapt
simcore simulation
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  • Optimize
  • Decide
  • Manage


SIMCORE is a team of experts who are at your disposal to assist you in the training of your project.

SIMCORE consultants are trained in new tools and methods in order to transmit them to you during their interventions. Their multi-sector experiences are an asset to offer you innovative solutions.

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Flow analysis = Sizing, detection of bottlenecks, Optimization of performance…

Simulation and digital continuity :

Better Design :

  • Make the best technological, technical and economic choices
  • Reduce the number of physical prototypes and tests

Make Better :

  • Optimizing manufacturing processes and ensuring product quality
  • Optimizing the prescribers, partners and subcontractors circuit

Exploit better :

  • Monitor and maintain operational condition
  • Anticipate the aging of products, machines, tools

Better Recycle :

  • Reduce production waste
  • Plan for dismantling and recycling processes

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  • Simcore : Immeuble Cassiopé, 167 Rue de Lorient, 35000 Rennes, France
  • 02 99 14 88 50
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