Simcore is the Exclusive distributor of AutoMod for France, Benelux, Spain and Portugal.

The services, methods and organisations need to know the way to get the best from their equipment, staff and resources. That contributes in reducing in reducing the investment costs and the exploitation cost while increasing the profits and the use of the installations. The simulation software Automod allows establishing a model of the installations’ conception and allows you to simulate logistical systems, systems of manufacturing or distribution.


The simulation software Automod meets the needs of both an occasional user and an expert. You can simulate easily and with precisions systems of all sizes or detail levels, going from the manual operations to completely automated installations. Your success and your productivity are increased when you use the unique capacities of Applied Automod like:

  • 3D animation in virtual reality;
  • Interactive establishment of a model;
  • Models of automated systems;
  • Language of the owner establishment of a model “English-like”.


Automod provides the realistic animations 3D, making the simulation models easier to understand and essential for the transmission of new ideas and possibilities. When all aspects of an operation are displayed in an animated 3D model, the communication between the management, the production and the engineering are radically improved. 
The Project teams can examine the model in any angle and at any scale during the exploitation of the model. Automod has CAO functionalities that define the material conditions of the production, the systems of manufacturing and distribution.

Automod has a very powerful graphic interface that grasps precisely the physical constraints of distance, size and space in 3D.


Automod generates automatically statistical reports and graphical reports. This report informs about all aspects of your system, like the use of the equipment, the level of stock and the total duration that the items take in the installation. The statistical reports can be displayed in tables or graphical types of activities. The graphics improve the understanding of your system and compare the results with others.


Many production systems have an important amount of handling systems. Automod can be used to simulate manual flows as well as automated handling systems with extraordinary precision level. Actually, most providers of handling equipment use Automod to prove that their system will work just the way it was conceived.

Automod provides its users with models of professional handling that were developed thanks to worldwide experience in the automated industry. An important part of the underlying logic of the model is automatically generated for its inventor. The Automod handling modules have: conveyers, vehicle systems, swings, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), lifting platforms.

Automod also does the assembly of elements and the mapping of the loads on the conveyers and the movement systems, removing the important amount of work on the creation process of the model. Automod takes into account the maximum characteristics of the handling systems for the inventor of the simulation, thus providing him with a time saving, increasing the precision of the model and helping in creating more detailed simulations.


Automod provides with a flexibility that is easily practicable, allowing you to simulate an infinite amount of application, going from manual operations, working cells, forklift trucks, to the airport ticket offices, operations of car rental, drive thru systems for fast food restaurants or even logistical and graphical systems.


The unique capacities of the Automod tool contribute in the increase of your success and productivity.


  • Minimises the conception and development times;
  • Reduces the risks of bottle necks;
  • Allows the creation of simple and complex models;
  • Allows having a simulation with a high level of precision;
  • Increases the trust in the conception of processes;
  • Decreases the risks of mistakes in expensive conceptions;
  • Helps with the analyses and the choices of investment;
  • Increases the productivity…


Simulation software Simulation software

Automod can be used to simulate both manual flows and automated manufacturing systems, with a unique precision level.

Simulation software Simulation software

Automod allows displaying the improved statistical analyses, graphical services and video animations.

Simulation software Simulation software

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SIMCORE participera au salon Intralogistics à Paris porte de Versaille du 26 au 28 Mars 2019 (Stand H29).

Simcore a participé le 21 mars 2017 à l'atelier Industrie du Futur N°4 pour présenter l'utilisation de la simulation de flux au sein des entreprises. Cette journée a eu lieu sur le site ultra moderne de l'entreprise ARMOR MECA.


Simcore a participé les 13 et 14 JUIN 2017 lors de la 10ème édition d'AGROVIF Simcore animera une session sur le thème : "En quoi la simulation vous aide à être plus performant ?"


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Mots des clients :

. Fives Cinetic a confié à Simcore la modélisation des lignes d'assemblage de son client britannique, Jaguar et Land-Rover. Les exigences principales étaient la détermination du nombre de porteurs nécessaires (skillet, luges, dog bones, frames, HEMS), le respect du takt-time sur chacun des postes de travail et le dimensionnement de ses buffers pour limiter les arrêts de ligne lors de pannes. Cette étude a permis à Fives Cinetic de prendre les bonnes décisions pour la réalisation du projet. 


Mot du Chargé de projet chez Fives Cinetic : "Cette étude nous a permis de modéliser nos flux à travers une solution informatique et nous à aider dans le dimensionnement de notre outil."